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Project Description
Kea allows Linq type querying of Sql Compact, and updating, from .net compact framework.
It's performant and easy to use.
It's developed in c# 3.

Still in pre-beta.

Actually there is two frameworks - Kea & Tui.
Kea is more performant.
Tui is easier to use.

Is performant as it does not use SQL, with its parsing & execution plan construction overhead, to query or update, instead uses Table Direct & SqlCeResultSet.
Also, in Tui, the autobinding between business object and SqlCeResultSet/SqlCeUpdatableRecord, uses Reflection to find the Properties to map then uses Delegate.CreateDelegate to create delegates that are then cached and used to provide much more performant data exchange.

The project is compiled with the compact framework, but the test console application is in the full framework.

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